I’m walking the walk and talking the talk!

by Eric on December 14, 2011

After all these posts about the pros/cons of wheat consumption, I decided that I would choose to go gluten free and on a weight loss program in December and see the results.

I picked a custom made plan from my “Take Shape For Life” program and tweaked it to make sure to avoid gluten. The results so far I can only describe as staggering! I weighed in on December 3rd and by December 13th I had lost 10 pounds!

I haven’t been starving either, I’ve been eating every 2-3 hours with some shakes, soups, drinks, and puddings I ordered.  I also enjoy  two VERY large “lean and green” meals.  I’ve got some pictures up on facebook if you want to friend me and take a look. My favorite lean and greens are salads with cooked chicken and a myriad of my favorite fresh and pickled veggies.

I have encountered some challenges along the way, but I used techniques I have learned from “Dr. A’s Habits of Health” book and things that I have learned from Personal Training.

Here are some of the challenges I have faced and solutions:

Challenge #1 “I like mindless eating”

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and then realized (or maybe never realized) when you finished the movie that you just ate 3 bowls of buttered popcorn, 2 cans of coke, and a box of candy? You only intended to eat a small bowl of popcorn, 1 can of coke, and a couple pieces of candy, but your active mind was busy enjoying the movie so mindlessly you just kept feeding the mouth.  I use 2 main strategies to curtail this effect.

Solution: “Out of sight out of mind(less eating that is!)”

I watched a movie with my wife recently and I air popped a prescribed amount of popcorn, then I put the popcorn away in the back of the cupboard. I used low cal spray butter and salt and then put that away. I’m sure you know that if you keep it on the coffee table next to you during the movie, it’s as good as gone! So I knew that when I finished the popcorn I would mindfully have to go back to the kitchen to choose to cheat.  So I knew there would be no more popcorn for the rest of the movie so I was more mindful, but I still forgot about it and ate it too fast… luckily I was ready with a pack of Gum and a large glass of water… which leads into strategy #2

Solution: Keep healthy mindless foods around.

I keep the pie hole busy all day, but I just leave out the pie. Gum, water, celery, tea, cucumber, celery, and pickled veggies (my favs are peperoncinis, pickles, asparagus, and mild pepper rings) are all examples of different foods I keep around in easy reach and in good supply to battle my mindless eathing habits.

Challenge #2 “I’m going to a party and I will be enticed to eat unhealthy foods”

Solution: Plan ahead and share what you are doing.

This can be uncomfortable, but talking to the party coordinator about your dietary restrictions does 2 wonderful things.

1) It creates a new person to be accountable to. If you tell that person you are avoiding cake and you show up and eat 4 pieces in front of her, that will be embarassing. Yes, it makes it a challenge for you and you might still choose to eat the cake, but now your word and your plan has been revealed and you will be letting someone down. Don’t stop there, tell your family and friends what you plan to do as well. Be detailed.

2) It may help you to know what foods will be available at the party and then be able to make decisions on what you can eat more of.

The bottom line is that if you just show up to the party without a plan of how much you will “cheat” or not leaves you open to mindless eating at the party.

Hey don’t forget to bring your pack(s) of gum and water bottle to the party by the way!!!


Hope these tips help!



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